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How GoDaddy Web Server And Hosting Services Can Help

GoDaddy is one of the biggest web server and hosting providers. Anyone who is searching for a web hosting service will likely come across this name.

But before you start searching for a web hosting provider, what is web site hosting?

Web site hosting is about hosting a site to make it available to the public around the world. For people to see your website content consisting of text, images, and videos, you need to save them on a web server, a high powered computer that is connected to a fast network. Whenever a user types in your address, the Internet connects to your server and transfers your content back to the user’s computer, where they can see the pages of your site.

Now that your question “what is web page hosting?” is answered, you may want to start looking at options for hosting free web site. Unfortunately, you can’t completely depend on a free web hosting service if you want premium features. This is why GoDaddy is charging reasonable fees for hosting top web sites. Put your business online!  Get a $8.99 .COM/.NET from GoDaddy!

You may consider using GoDaddy for its web server and hosting services because of the benefit that they bring, from being affordable to using state-of-the-art technology.


As of January 2014, you can avail of a $6.99 plan per month with a year-long lock-in period with GoDaddy’s offers. The longer the lock-in period, the lower its cost may get, especially if there are coupons. The more coupons you’ll collect, the more likely it might be for you to enjoy hosting free web site services.

The web hosting provider may not be solely focused on hosting, being more of a domain name provider, but they are capitalizing on their market presence and capital to bring down the process. You will also have options among economy, deluxe, and ultimate packages, depending on what you can afford. For those expecting the same services for hosting top web sites, then paying for the premium packages would help.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth determines how many people can access your website at once.

Be warned because there are web server and hosting service providers that will cause your website to crash if you are rushed with sudden visits. Just ask other GoDaddy users about it, or read reviews about the web host and find that many of them are satisfied with their unlimited bandwidth.

One-stop Shop

GoDaddy not only provide web hosting, but also domain name registration, email hosting, web designing, and online storage. No wonder it’s an ideal choice for hosting top web sites. Any service related to web development is likely provided by GoDaddy.

Auto-Install of WordPress

If you want to ensure the security of your WordPress site, you’d want to install it manually. But with GoDaddy, all you need to do is buy a  web server and hosting service from the said host, open your account, and choose auto-install ofWordPress, walk through the process by following the prompts, and wait. In just a few hours, the installation will be done.

Tight Security

GoDaddy invests in plenty of technology to prevent hackers and spam from ruining the websites of the users. However, you have to make do with their restrictive policies, if it means getting top notch hosting top web site services.  

Excellent Customer Service

Knowing that you’re paying for GoDaddy instead of simply relying on a company hosting free web site, you deserve great customer service and that is exactly what the company is doing. Try contacting them via email and you will get your reply within 24 hours.

Appropriate Infrastructure

There are more than 5 million websites hosted on GoDaddy’s 35,000 data centers, amounting to over 23 perabytes of data in its storage systems. It goes through 350 million emails daily. It also addresses over 10 billion DNS queries daily.

The web host boasts of 65,000 square feet of data center in the US. It has data centers in Phoenix, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Ashburn, Virginia.

If their service means maintaining this infrastructure, it’s not right to ask for hosting free web site services. Paying for a great web server and hosting service from GoDaddy will be worth it.

State-of-the-Art Hosting Technology

GoDaddy is proud of their 4GH Linux hosting, which is a recent offering, along with PHP5 and others. This reason alone is why it is effective in hosting top web sites. Web Hosting with cPanel - only $1 / month from GoDaddy